We have always been proud of the professional, friendly and reliable service we offer and uphold with all our customers.

Letting someone into your home and trusting them to provide you with good, honest advice and a reliable, high quality service is important, and we at iSealants understand and respect that.
In this day and age, we also recognise the importance to stay safe and all of our service professionals have their own PPE provided for your safety and theirs.

When it comes to home improvements, you may simply want to remove old, discoloured, and mouldy mastic and replace it with new high-quality mastic but we will be happy to advise you on your choices such as using anti-fungal mastic for use in damp areas and the use of our colour matching charts for that extra special finish. You may have just had your new bathroom, wet room or kitchen fitted or your floors and windows changed, we can accommodate all aspects of masticing in your home.

It may seem like a small detail but the finish to any job is important, whether that’s aesthetic, cosmetic, hygienically minded or to prevent leaks and water damage.

We always have our customers in mind and will be upfront with quotes, pricing, advice and timings.    


white silicone to shower tray in shower room

The finishing touch achieved with clean silicone/mastic lines really makes all the difference in a newly fitted bathroom. So whether yours has just been installed and needs its mastic or has become old and mouldy give us a call and we will give you a finish that gives that wow factor everytime!


Large glass screen mastic finish in commercial property

We are constantly called out to work on building sites and commercial properties to apply silicone/mastic to various different aspects of the projects. Finishing really is everything when you need the project to look its best, so whether its external windows and doors or multiple bathrooms and kitchens that need masticing then give us a call!