iSealants are a family run business with many years’ experience in providing mastic/sealant services both in the domestic and commercial sectors at competitive prices.


We pride ourselves in providing a reliable, friendly and punctual service and the fact that over 50% of our business comes through recommendation speaks for itself

Our qualified and experienced sealant applicators use top quality materials and can cater to all your mastic needs including, but not limited to:

  • We remove mouldy and discoloured mastic and replace with new anti-fungal silicone

  • Applying silicone in newly fitted bathrooms.  We silicone all tile joints, sanitary ware and flooring

  • Kitchen area sealant application including units, worktops, sinks and flooring

  • Floors to skirting boards

  • External windows, doors and movement joints

  • Garden patios

  • Internal doors and windows

sealant application gun
Mastic silicone sealant in bathroom

Bathrooms and Kitchens

A room you like to relax and spend quality time in should look its best. Whether you’re redecorating or finishing a newly refurbished room, we can carefully remove and replace the old mastic and silicone. Our precision and experience will always leave a fantastic finish. We take pride in our craft and we know the value of attention to detail. 

mastic gun
External mastic/silicone to double door frame

Windows and Doors

Leaks can be a real headache, not to mention the cost of redecorating, damage to your property and the high risk of mould and dampness. At iSealants, we know that keeping your family and your property protected is of the highest priority. That’s why we use special low modular silicone that can withstand even the UK’s toughest weather. 

silicone application gun
Internal mastic silicone to skirting boards and tiled flooring

Flooring and Skirting boards

These areas of any house always suffer a lot of punishment, be it the children’s football boots, moving furniture or pets. It’s not just cosmetic, mastic applied between the floor and skirting board not only provides a sharp neat finish to your rooms but it prevents water ingress getting beneath the joints which can result in all sorts of damage such as floor lifting, dampness and mould.

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